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The foundation of every successful business website is high-quality content. Without a strong, impactful copy, a website will neither show up on any search engine nor would it garner any leads or conversions regardless of how visually attractive it may be.

A website acts as a brochure of a business. If it fails to explain what products or services the business offers, it may very well remain without a website. This very fact makes it important for a business website to have a well-thought copy.

A business website’s content must be crisp, should deliver a clear message, and have the right amount of marketing mix. Skip any one of these elements and the website is left with a bland mixture of words that struggle, at best, to hold the attention of the visitors.

Remember, it’s the content that converts visitors to leads and leads to customers.

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Viable Stats Highlighting the Importance of Website Copy

The importance that website content holds isn’t just digital hearsay. Some really valuable data out there
back up its significance. Here’s a glimpse of that data just to give you an overview:

website bounce rate

38% of a website’s visitors bounce
if its content isn’t engaging

Website product page

86% of people check out a business’s products page after landing
on its Homepage

website content makes it credible

75% of visitors judge a business’s
credibility based on its website

Benefits of High-Quality Website Copy for
Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Now that you have some understanding of the importance high-quality website content holds,
it’s time to look at the benefits it offers to businesses of all shapes and sizes, in a bit of detail:

It is a Source of Information

Before people buy from you, they want to know about you. And your website acts as a brochure that offers them the information they need. The same information is used by search engines to categorize your website and understand what it’s about so they can list it in SERPs against relevant queries.

Well-written website copy keeps your visitors engaged while also answering their queries and concerns in simple and comprehensible language. Combine a great website design with even greater content and you’ll have a winner on your hands.

It Helps with SEO Optimization

A well-written, high-quality website content won’t just deliver accurate information about your business. It’s also optimized for SEO. Great website content has naturally integrated keywords that work as signals for the search engines, connecting your website’s pages to the user queries and audiences you want to be targeted.

Accurate information and keyword integration increase a website’s chances of ranking higher on the SERPs. In return, that website and business gain more digital exposure, ultimately influencing the profits positively.

It Educates and Promotes Action

The true purpose of a website isn’t just to educate your target audience or double as a business brochure. It’s to encourage action, like getting a visitor to make a phone call, an email, or subscribe to your newsletter, among others. And, a website’s content holds the power to drive action

Experienced and expert content writers focus on producing website content that’s not just educational and informative but also drives action. Consider it a tricky mix of copy and content. It is, after all, an art to hit two birds with one stone. 😀

It Earns You Backlinks

When someone includes a link to one of your website’s pages on one of their published content pieces, it’s called backlinking. Backlinks
are vital for earning higher domain authority and improved rankings. While Google doesn’t consider DA (domain authority) to be a ranking factor, many SEO specialists do. And none can deny the substance backlinks carry.

To earn backlinks, your website’s content has to be accurate, detailed, and on-point. Only high-quality content is produced with these attributes. And when another website owner finds value in your content, they include a link to that page as a citation of sorts, proving you to be a dominant authority on the subject to the search engine.

It Helps with Internal Linking

Just like backlinks, internal links also carry weight in influencing search engine rankings. Internal linking refers to the links included in your website’s content. But instead of leading to another website, they link to other pages on your own website.

Including internal links in a website isn’t an easy feat. Forcing them unnaturally to trick search engines often backfires and negatively impacts a website’s rankings. Experienced content writers avoid forcing them because they have the expertise to include internal links
in the website’s copy naturally.

It Improves the User-Experience

User experience is everything if you want people to spend time on your website. The quicker they bounce from your website, the lesser your chances of gaining a potential customer.

Fortunately, high-quality content plays an important role in enhancing a website’s user experience. The more detailed and well-written a page’s content, the more the chances for a website’s visitor to stick around and check it out. And, probably visit it again the next time they need similar information. This little activity establishes a website as valuable, obligating search engines to include it in their SERPs.

It Adds Personality to Your Brand

Since businesses are considered separate entities, it’s necessary for them to have a voice of their own. And, thanks to the digital age, that’s easier now more than ever.

Your website’s content becomes your business’s voice. Just choose a writing style and tone that represents your business perfectly and produce all content in that tone or direct your writer or agency to do the same. Ensure consistency in tone and style across all platforms where your business is represented like social websites and emails. This little trick helps your business stand apart from your competitors.

 It Gives Credibility to Your Business

I’ve already mentioned that high-quality content can help your website earn backlinks. Another advantage that high-quality content offers is, it earns your website and brand credibility in a crowded and competitive market. Well-crafted content reflects that you are serious about your brand and industry, and you know what you are talking about.

The more confidence oozing your content, the more you look like an authority on the subject and the more visitors you attract. And, as the number of your website’s visitors rises, so does your credibility.

It Hugely Assists with Lead Generation and Conversion

One of the attributes of high-quality website content is that it is specially produced with a focus on lead generation and conversion. That’s why expert writers add subtle calls to action where necessary. Overdo it and you’ll drive away your visitors for being too salesy. Underdo it, and you’ll fall short of driving the visitors from taking an action. 

The magic happens when just the right amount of subtle and soft calls to action are spread across your web content naturally. And, there’s no need to spell out what happens when your business earns leads or when they convert, now, is there?

Why Hire Our Website Copywriting Services

A website’s content isn’t just about sharing the brand story and hooking customers. It’s also a vital aspect of your business’s content marketing and integral to SEO strategy. Over the years, the content marketing team at Majid Writes has produced content for multiple websites ranging from retirement homes and healthcare facilities to IT support, SaaS companies, and car detailing businesses.

An underlying benefit of hiring our website copywriting services, you can combine it with our blog and article writing services
or SEO content writing services to best accommodate your business’s content marketing strategy. Not to mention,
the huge discount you’ll get for bundling services. What more could you ask for?

Some Other Benefits of Hiring Us

  • Quick turnaround
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Keywords inclusion on each page
  • Meta details included for every page
  • 3 headlines for the Homepage slider

Free Extras

  • Edited and plagiarism-free content
  • Free Topic suggestions (for 5 blog posts)
  • Keyword research (for Home page only)

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