The Great Pakistani Circus - Season 2 Review

The Great Pakistani Circus – Season 2 Review

Entertainment in Karachi is a rarity. There isn’t much to do here on weekends other than dining out and trying different restaurants or catching a good movie since now we have a few multiplexes in the city. Other than that you have a very few options available. In a scenario like that good theatre and shows like The Great Pakistani Circus are a beacon of hope that the people of Karachi don’t need but the one they deserve (a little bit of Dark Knight pun for you all ?).

Last night a dear friend invited me to see The Great Pakistani Circus – season 2. Wonderfully we were seated on the last row which was half way across the small auditorium stage, giving us the full and clear view of the stage. We arrived quite early for the 7:30 pm show which by the way started at 7:40 pm. I was delighted to see that they started the show by playing TGPC’s anthem and immediately after playing the national anthem. Then came the first act, a four year old in Spider-man’s costume doing flips, splits and jumps perfectly playing the webslinger’s part.

The second act was Tightrope or High Wire walking. Although this wasn’t a surprise as the rope was already setup on stage when we arrived there. The rope was only 10 feet high above the ground but seeing a girl walking on the rope like it was a walk in the park was pretty amusing and impressive. Adding to the amazement was riding the smallest bicycle that I have ever seen on it then balancing and sitting on a chair and finally riding a unicycle on it whilst doing a handstand and balancing two more people hanging below. Needless to say I was amused beyond expectations as I have only seen these types of stunts in movies. 

Next the audience was introduced to colorfully dressed Rambo the chimpanzee. A chimpanzee that could balance itself on a giant ball and walk the Tightrope upside down had the kids in the audience in a frenzy in an instant.


While the stage was being cleared off the Tightrope props a Clown act was put forward which portrayed slapstick comedy but suffered because of a weak script. Once the stage was cleared and the clown act ended the Juggler was brought in but it was no ordinary Juggler, it was the balancing juggler juggling balls, bottles and hoops all the while balancing himself on a wooden board put over a rolling can. And then there was fire, balancing himself while holding spinning plates put on fire balancing them on sticks. The stacking of boards underneath himself while balancing was amazing as well.

And then came  the Dog show, the cutest thing by far. Cute little white dogs walking on two legs, sliding down a colorful slide and that too in sync, jumping obstacles and hoops on fire, walking on a rolling pipe and what not.

 Then came the best the TGPC currently has to offer, The African Troupe. Dressed in animal skin imitating clothes, these guys were literally monkeying around which was so entertaining for the crowd that the troupe was brought in again towards the end of the show to perform the Limbo with the addition of fire and hoop jumping.

The most dangerous act was the rope climbing woman. Why dangerous you ask? Well you don’t get to see a women with a tight noose around her neck spinning in mid air very often now, do you? The spectacle wasn’t for the faint hearted believe me. A similar act was the Silk Trapeze only much less heart stopping. In fact it was more of a dance in mid air, entertaining but not that much. Oh! And they also have the world’s strongest man called Singapori. The guy bent an iron rod by just applying pressure with his neck. And no circus would be complete without the King of the Jungle and so to utter surprise we were introduced to Simba, the tamed lion. Well the lion wasn’t much of a show but rather a display that TGPC has a lion as well and that in itself is impressive enough.

All and all I felt content with the show. The Great Pakistani Circus – season 2 is a great entertainment and must be watched atleast once and if like me, you have never been to a live circus, you shall definitely enjoy it and so will the kids. The PKR 600/- price tag is just for entertainment this great. The show lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes which passed very quickly. Thanks to the valet service, the parking wasn’t a problem either. And they also have popcorns there so you can enjoy the show while munching the popped goodness although I’d recommend you take your own snacks rather than buying from there as they are priced heftily. And in the end I’d like to mention that this is not a paid review and all the thoughts depicted in this review are solely mine. Also I m not a professional photographer but I m including the pictures and videos that I took there on my phone for you to enjoy. And lastly, if you have seen The Great Pakistani Circus then share your experience in the comments below.

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