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Keywords inclusion is just as important for content marketing as the quality of the content.
SEO content writing services from Majid Writes easily check those boxes.

You may have a great story to tell your audience, it may have been crafted to perfection. But if it is not optimized for SEO with keywords, chances are it may never reach your audience.

Content that’s not cleverly optimized for search engines like Google and Bing will never bring organic traffic to your website, or any other website for that matter. As a result, your business never reaches its full potential on the web and you never profit from it.

Considering that SEO content writing is one of the most affordable ways to digitally market your business website, letting it rot in the depths of the internet hell isn’t a wise call.

By hiring our SEO content writing services, you will see the magic happen as your website and blogs become discoverable on Google and other reputed search engines.

Let us help your website gain organic traffic and potential leads.

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SEO and Content Statistics All Website Owners Should Know

If you are unsure whether your website or blog requires SEO content writing just look at the statistics that follow. Bear in mind
though, that SEO is an ongoing process that requires a properly devised strategy to deliver results. And, getting bankable
results can take as long as a year. So, only invest your money into it if you are also willing to invest time.

High-quality content and backlinks
are two of the most important tools
that Google uses to rank a website

More than 70% of professional
marketers consider SEO to be far
more effective than PPC

Updating old content with new information
increases the chances of getting organic
traffic by at least 106%

The average length of an article that
ranks on Google is close to 2500 words

15% of all the daily searches that run
on Google are new to the platform

Benefits of SEO-Optimized Content for Small and
Medium-Sized Businesses

Blogs aren’t just a means of marketing and promoting a business. They offer multiple other advantages as well,
like answering the questions of your customers, keeping them updated about new products or services,
and much more. Some of the lesser-known benefits that blogging entails for businesses include:

SEO-Optimized Content Draws Organic Traffic

Not every business has the budget or the finances to invest in paid advertisements, digital or otherwise. Organically attracting audiences is the best source of attention for them.

The only way to capitalize on that attention is to incorporate SEO tactics into your website’s content marketing strategy. Since content is the backbone of everything digital, optimizing the content for SEO becomes vital. Once your content is SEO-optimized, it starts appearing in organic search results, drawing traffic to your website. It is elementary, honestly.

SEO-Optimization is Free

There is a small technicality though. SEO optimization is free if you know how to do it. Or you will have to hire someone to assist you with it. Even in the case of the latter, SEO won’t cost you as much as any other form of marketing does.

And once your content starts ranking, you must ensure the consistency and relevance of your posts to maintain and grow the position of your website on the SERPs. You can either do that yourself or by hiring our SEO writing services so you can stay involved in other important business operations.

It Brings in More Clicks than PPC

As amazing as it sounds, this is true, and here’s the data to prove it. While PPC links do appear above the organic search results, 71% of the time, organic searches get clicked.

Why this happens can be anybody’s guess, only Google knows the answer for sure. Regardless, such a high click-through rate shows what a well-written SEO-optimized content piece is capable of.

It’s Great for Spreading Brand Awareness

The more SEO-optimized content there is on your website, the better your chances of being ranked on search engines. And, the more your content ranks, the more trustworthy and credible you become for the audience.

As this continues, your brand gains popularity and recognition among people, earning it exposure. It doesn’t end there. With brand popularity on the rise, your sales also grow, impacting your profits positively.

Its ROI is Measurable

Establishing the return on your marketing investment can be vague at times. But with SEO content, you can easily determine your ROI. It does, however, require a little understanding of the backend dashboard of your website.

Even if you are not tech-savvy you can still determine whether your investment in SEO is paying off or not just by the amount of organic traffic the content is generating. It can’t get any simpler than that.

It can earn Your Website Quality Backlinks

Backlinks play an important role in every SEO strategy. Backlinks are links to your content on third-party websites. Google and other search engines consider backlinks to be a sort of validation of quality content compelling their algorithms to rank your content. The more backlinks the better.

People only want to backlink to you if your content offers quality information. That’s something a professional writer can help you with. Also, the more your content ranks, the more people want to backlink to you. It’s a kind of two-way street. But, it is something that cannot be ignored.

SEO Content is Designed Around Intent

The intent is the newest trend in the SEO industry. It defines the reason someone runs a search. The searcher’s intent could be anything from seeking an answer to finding a product or service. The content that accurately answers the intent of the searchers gains more visibility and ranks higher.

Professional content writers understand the intent of the searchers and produce content focused on it. Professionally produced content also contains naturally placed keywords that are relevant to your business. That’s another reason expertly written content ranks faster and higher.

It Helps You Build PR

Just as ranked content adds to the credibility and trustworthiness of your business, it also builds public relations for your brand. The more questions your content answers, the more people will want to visit your website for their queries.

As PR strengthens with your audience, you would become their first choice when they require a service or a product your business sells. The ultimate result is higher profits.

SEO will Never Lose Relevance

Let’s face the fact, SEO is here to stay. Yes, strategies and tactics change as technology advances. But search engines still remain the best source of finding information online and SEO-optimized content still remains the best source of answers.

It’s still not too late to enter the SEO race in your niche or industry. But the more you delay, the more you give the competition the edge of getting ahead in the game. That’s something no wise businessman would want. Am I right?

Why Hire Our SEO Content Writing Services

SEO algorithms are updated and changed frequently. As content marketing professionals, we religiously follow these updates
and evolve our writing and tactics to best match the prevailing practices. This allows us to produce content that meets
most of the ranking factors increasing the chances of pieces written and distributed by us to rank faster on SERPs.

Besides, we enjoy producing high-quality long-form content, and that is a must for great SEO optimization. We’ve been in the industry
long enough to know ins and outs of SEO. We are so confident in our SEO content writing service that we work don’t bind you to
any contract duration. So, if you don’t see results quickly, you are free to quit our services then and there, no questions asked.

Some Other Benefits of Hiring Us

  • Well-researched, unique, and plagiarism-free content
  • Completely ghostwritten with all the rights transferred
  • Quick turnaround with 2-day delivery (1500-word blog)
  • Tone and topics as per your requirements
  • Unforced and natural keyword inclusion in content
  • Unlimited Revisions

Free Extras

  • One royalty-free image with each blog post
  • Edited and plagiarism-free content
  • Keyword research (for long-term projects only)
  • Topic research (for long-term projects only)
  • Scheduling the publishing calendar
  • Meta descriptions included for each piece

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