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Why Do Businesses Need E-Book Writing Services?

A well-written e-book can earn leads for your business, and establish you as an author, a trusted resource, and an expert in your industry. 

E-books are an important part of every content marketing strategy. They work in sync with your blogs, guest posts, and social media to promote your business.

They are also a great way to earn a passive income, thanks to the many self-publishing platforms.

As professionals, we know what keeps the readers hooked to a piece of content—good information combined with a great presentation. We deliver you that.

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Some Eye-Opening Statistics About E-Books

If you’re still in doubt about whether e-books work or not, just glance at the below statistics:

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The Washington-based think tank, Pew Research Center, says that about 72%
of adults still prefer reading a
book in some form

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Out of those, 86% of the readership
comes from people who make at
least $75,000 a year

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One of Canada’s highest circulated newspapers, the Toronto Star, also
shares similar figures for the
land of the maple leaf

Benefits of E-Books for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Let’s go deeper into the rabbit hole and see how your business can benefit from e-books and get an edge over the competition:

They Reflect Your Expertise

Before any business can land a customer, it needs to gain their trust. And what better way to do that than to show off their industry expertise. Pick out a problem that troubles the potential customers of your industry and simply offer them an insight into the reasons behind it, ways it can be avoided, and even a DIY solution to it (if there’s one). 

An e-book enables you to offer all that information in depth. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways e-books can help establish your expertise. So long as they are detailed and cover ample ground, they will help your business gain footing and the trust of potential customers and convert them to leads even in a crowded and competitive market.

They Indirectly Advertise Your Business

When was the last time you intentionally saw an advertisement video on Youtube? Actually, don’t answer that. The recent rise in digital marketing has conditioned people to avoid direct ads. They close pop-ups and skip ads the moment they see them. But e-books are something they download intentionally to educate themselves on a specific topic or find a solution to a problem they are facing. 

While e-books are not necessarily salesy, they do carry your business’s contact details. And in most cases, that is more than enough to attract potential customers to reach out. However, with a smart approach, a subtle call to action can be added naturally to the content, to give the reader a slight nudge to take the next step. Consider it a brochure without being too in your face.

They are Timeless

Books never get old, especially the ones that offer solutions to timeless problems. Let’s say you run a roof cleaning business and your website offers an e-book that shares ways to avoid gutters from chocking up. That information will never get old as long as homes have gutters. An e-book with such a topic will always attract an audience and can become an important part of your content marketing strategy.

They are Interactive

Okay, so e-books are not as interactive as a real flipbook or a pop-up book, but they can be as much fun nonetheless. Since e-books are usually in pdf format they can carry links to your blog posts, social pages or posts, lead generation forms, and even have stats, pictures, and quotes that can be directly tweeted with a tap or a click. Heck, you can even embed videos in your e-books.

Meaning, that e-books can be loaded with content to keep your audience engaged. Here’s the kicker, if you hire our e-book writing services, we throw in a flipbook style e-book that can be easily embedded into your website for free, along with the pdf of the original. How’s that!

They can Generate Leads for the Business

Yes, e-books have the power to generate leads. To understand this better, let’s continue the roof cleaning business example. If your roof cleaning business is looking for some leads and you already have an e-book for ways to avoid gutters from chocking up ready to be published on your website, you can attach a lead generation form to it.

Those who are interested in the e-book will provide you with their contact information like their names and emails in exchange for the e-book. Use the collected email addresses to share your latest offerings and discounts. And, before you know it, you will start witnessing conversions.

They Can Be a Source of Passive Income

Okay, this might not fit all business models, but many can still benefit from it. Say you have a good idea for a fiction novel but your busy schedule keeps you from execution. You hire a ghostwriter, or our e-book writing service, to have the e-book written and published on a few of the popular self-publishing platforms to sell it. With a bit of promotion of the book on social media and other relevant platforms, you will not only become a published author but will also be enjoying passive income through the e-book’s sale.

And, the e-book doesn’t necessarily have to be a work of fiction. Guides and self-help books also sell pretty well.

Use Them to Share Case Studies

If most of your customers face similar problems and come to you seeking a solution, publishing an e-book sharing a case study that highlights the same problem can be a good idea.

Promoting a case study e-book lets people know about your competence in solving a specific problem that they might also be facing. A case study will also help you build trust if you can include a couple of reviews from happy customers. Good reviews and case studies work quite similarly to referrals and help drive sales.

They Fit Perfectly in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing takes time to deliver results. It also requires you to regularly update previously published content. However, e-books fit into every content marketing strategy, easily and seamlessly. They don’t need to be updated—unless the e-book is about technology that has become obsolete or advanced—and help attract leads way more than any other type of content.

E-books are an asset that keeps delivering results to you in the long run. Of course, it’s only possible if it is integrated into your content marketing strategy correctly.

Their Content can be Repurposed

Since e-books cover a single topic in-depth, their content can be repurposed to fill your content calendar for months. Consider it to be another one of the many benefits of having an e-book at your disposal.

The content of e-books can easily be repurposed for new blog posts, social posts, and even videos. You can even repurpose it for another e-book, depending on your industry and the subject of the e-book.

Why Hire Our E-Book Writing Services?

E-book writing isn’t something that a novice writer can handle. It requires in-depth research of the industry and the topic intended
to be covered. Luckily, we have an experienced team of e-book writers that can handle the task flawlessly. Our writers aren’t just
limited to producing business-specific e-books only. We have also ghostwritten fiction, self-improvement, guides,
and case study e-books. And, we don’t begin working on any e-book without having the Table of Content
approved first, to ensure everything that you want is covered.

Some Other Benefits of Hiring Me

  • Well-researched, unique, and plagiarism-free content
  • Completely ghostwritten with all the rights transferred
  • Quick turnaround with 5 days delivery (3000-word e-book)
  • Writing tone and delivery as per your requirement
  • Unlimited Revisions

Free Extras

  • Cover design with a royalty-free image
  • Complete compilation and basic editing
  • Complete topic research
  • Flipbook design to be embedded on your website

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