Cure To Laziness

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Laziness is a disease many of us are suffering from. While it definitely keeps us well rested, it is also responsible for us not being successful in life, relationships, jobs, businesses and countless other aspects. And to put it simply, that is because laziness never lets us reach our full potential.

But why is that? Why are we lazy? Ever thought about that? No matter how much you may want to throw the blame away from you but laziness is not hereditary or habitual. It is in fact caused by thoughts, negative thoughts to be exact.

It is a result of fear, a result of thinking about something you cannot control. Like may be you have always wanted to quit your job and start your own business but you never do because you are always thinking about the end result like if the business does not do good you will not have something to rebound back on or that girl at work or in your apartment building you’ve always liked but never asked out under the fear of rejection.


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These fears strangle you in a web of thoughts so distracting that rather than thinking and concentrating on what you should be doing, you start procrastinating things due to the fear of facing obstacles or failure, unconsciously inviting laziness in your life.

Stop thinking about the outcome, if the business fails you can always apply for another job or if that girl rejects you, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Believe me you would be more happier knowing that you tried. And if you cannot seem to stop thinking about the outcome then force your thoughts towards the positive results. Just think what would happen if your business becomes a success or if that girl says yes, this would immediately energize you to work towards your goals. This change in the thought process is so effective that you will literally find no time for being lazy. You would feel so energized that you would be working towards achieving your goal by waking up early or even through the late hours of the night.

Positive thoughts provide you with enthusiasm, dedication and focus. All you have to do is remember how great your goal is and how desired end result will affect your life. The only driving force behind this is training your mind into thinking positively. Yes, it would require some forceful thinking but if you start doing this today, you would be doing away with laziness in just a matter of few weeks and it would completely disappear from your life.

Just Remember To Think Positive!

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