A Pizza Story

Last night my wife finally agreed to give the Broadway Pizza a try (it took some convincing as she’s not into fattening food) and we went to the recently opened Bahadurabad, Karachi branch.
The branch was too congested and that was exactly my first impression of that branch. It was so small that it could hardly seat 20 people at a time, hardly!
The menu was a printed flyer, another shock for me as I didn’t expect to get a cheap quality menu card or rather paper at a place like Broadway Pizza.
Now comes the service. After deciding what to eat, I ordered an appetizer (garlic bread) and a pizza for the main course. The drink was served first and wasn’t even chilled. When I asked the server for ice I was politely declined with the phrase “sorry Sir, hamare paas ice nahi hoti!”. Why the hell do you, Broadway Pizza, serve drinks then if you don’t even have ice or chilled drinks. 30 minutes later I was served the appetizers, 30 minutes. It’s hard to believe I know but I kid you not. Broadway Pizza you seriously need to learn the meaning of the word appetizer, seriously. The main course, the pizza was served 25 minutes after the appetizers again with the phrase “sorry Sir, I know kafi late hogaya hai”. Not to mention they even forgot to provide cutlery. And even after asking for it and waiting 10 minutes for the cutlery, Broadway Pizza failed to provide it.
That was it, I mean I couldn’t bear to be there any longer so I asked another server (our table’s was no where to be found) to have the pizza packed so I could just get the bloody hell out of there and that was the only time I got good service, the pizza was packed in mere seconds and to apologize they gave me free sauce, can anyone even imagine, keep your free sauce guys who cares? Even the server didn’t apologize. By the time we reached home the pizza had gotten ice cold and I was so irate that I didn’t even have it.
Broadway Pizza has been the worst experience of dining out for me and that too when I had my better half with me. I have had a lot better service at dhabbas. So I am very sorry Broadway Pizza that I ever decided to visit you guys and last night’s 1200 would be the only amount I ever spend at you guys. I’d rather give up eating pizzas then ever have one at Broadway Pizza again.

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