Baaghi (2016) – Movie Review

To keep it short and simple, Baaghi – A Rebel For Love is indian cinema’s attempt to enter the Martial Arts genre. After the success of Brothers the genre showed potential but Baaghi fails at all the key points where Brothers did not.
Baaghi looks like a 1970s Hong Kong martial arts movie rip off namely of Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow starring Jackie Chan copying the training scenes of the lead actor.
Some fight scenes in the movie look forced like the one in Bangkok market place where the character of Ronny runs from some thugs when his main objective was to face them. That whole scene by the way looked copied from Thai movie Ong Bak starring Tony Jaa, to some extent.
There is also one more scene that looks forced, it happens when the bad guys kidnap a little dumb child (which I believe was only put in this movie to force the mentioned fight sequence) because Ronny asked them to wait till the kid finishes his ice cream before he can go with them. An easily avoidable situation.
They even added bloopers of most of the stunt scenes along the ending credits (like a typical Jackie Chan movie).
The worst part about the movie is that the main lead of the movie doesn’t once feel like a rebel as the title suggests. The movie’s only emphasis on him being a rebel is in his father’s letter to Guruswami.

All and all even the lovers of the martial arts genre won’t like this movie but if you have money I’d advice you to buy a couple of old Jackie Chan or Tony Jaa movie DVDs and watch them instead to get your fill of the martial arts hunger.
I’d rate this movie 1/5 and music 3/5.

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