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Who am I?


I am Majid.

Welcome to my website,

Started as a blog initially, I recently decided to change the direction of this website and transformed it into a business. Due to financial stress, I couldn’t dedicate myself to adding value to my blog. My priorities had changed. Instead, I turned to freelance writing as a side hustle. But that was almost four years ago. Since then, I’ve successfully delivered nearly a thousand projects to a global clientele. Now, with the help of this website, I want to reach out globally and help small and medium-sized businesses (especially those with budget constraints) grow by offering them high-quality, yet affordable content writing services. I will also occasionally add new posts to the blog section of this website to showcase my writing skills and capabilities.

Since writing is a lot more than just my livelihood (it’s my passion and a means of feeling solaced), I have dedicated myself to content writing entirely. As a professional, I have practiced generalist content writing and have successfully delivered hundreds of written pieces on a variety of niches that spread across pets & home improvement to fitness and travel, and everything in between. My list of delivered projects also includes website content and landing pages for real estate, care homes, rehabilitation centers, landscaping companies, SAAS companies, etc.

Now, I want to break my 9 to 5 cycle, establish myself as a brand, and scale my writing business into an agency by delivering the small and medium-sized businesses authentic, unmatched, and highly affordable content that can truly help them grow.